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Accessing the world with the most exclusive membership showcasing the latest generation of luxury lifestyle and concierge services.



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As a member, you will enjoy the ultimate lifestyle management service providing a turnkey service, around the clock, that will simplify every aspect of your life and help optimize you most precious asset: time.

Billionaires Gate has a wealth of experience in dealing with a wide range of complex requests, under strict time constraints and discretion. We act in your best interest at all times and continually strive to ensure you receive the finest services and experiences at the best value. Better yet, we are not just for the Elite, we are for EVERYONE.

Billionaires Gate’s strong relationship with a number of trusted companies and renowned service suppliers, both within the UAE and globally, guarantees to provide an unrivaled luxury lifestyle management service by offering support in, but not limited to the following:

Since established in 2016, over 8,000 requests have been fulfilled.


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The Founder

Trust is a method and done, not just a word.

'The Big Idea'.

Introducing Mr. Mahmoud Marar, visionary and Founder of Billionaires Gate dedicated to the elite. Mahmoud hails from Amman, Jordan with strong routes and connections to Middle Eastern culture and lifestyle. He arrived in Dubai, UAE over 15 years ago and started his career as a Junior Hotelier, in order to fulfill his love for becoming successful within the hospitality industry.

He has gained the trust of the wealthy who always seeks to make change across creativity in providing the best services and solutions to save their time. Mahmoud has repeatedly begun his journey by finding practical solutions that meet the need for a large segment of entrepreneurs and exclusively wealthy individuals, as saving their time is precious. There, he made valuable connections with top global HNWIs and the Royal Families of GCC countries such as the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. By gaining an understanding of how to connect with such elite individuals, Mahmoud took that knowledge with him and decided to start on his own – hence the launch of The Billionaires Gate, in 2016. He therefore, thought of a creating world-class services to individuals that are tailored specifically to their individual lifestyles.

Today, he is the proud owner of several businesses such as the renowned URUS Travel aside from Billionaires Gate. By becoming a successful leader, Mahmoud travels the world to share his knowledge and expertise and also is a pioneer in providing world-class lifestyle and concierge services to a global audience. Although he keeps a low profile within the media, he believes in big ideas and brings them to life ,which shares his thoughts through exclusive TV interviews and renowned networks. Mahmoud values connections and relishes on the fact that all will benefit along the way, for a successful future, whether a member, business partner or simply a friend. His slogan is trust is not just ringing slogans, but it's work and execution.

The Imperial Membership

The most exclusive...

The Imperial Membership is one of the most exclusive lifestyle memberships launched in the Middle East, with on-trend commitments where all of our services can be provided for, worldwide, beyond normal expectations, through a dedicated Lifestyle Manager for each member, 24/7.

Billionaires Gate is much more than a personal assistant or a concierge service - especially with our bespoke Imperial Membership – which is why we offer only one. Our Lifestyle Management team carefully supply members with a personalized and proactive service by providing support and elevating our members to the highest level, in all aspects of their lives.

We understand your needs and objectives on both a personal and professional level and therefore gain support to fulfill these expectations through our unparalleled network of contacts and suppliers. We advise and introduce beneficial opportunities and planning in order to assist members on the daily, by making your life, as a member, convenient and easier.

What makes us unique is that we can also provide a tailor made Imperial Membership, such as to suit the needs, hobbies and interests of each individual member. Be it a travel enthusiast, fine dining connoisseur, or lavish shopping diva, our membership will cater to the lifestyle you desire, providing a personalized experience.

# I T S J U S T D I F F E R E N T

Top Benefits Our Members Enjoy

Lifestyle Manager 24/7

We provide assistance in all aspects of your luxury lifestyle, both globally and locally, for all of our esteemed members. Therefore we proudly take care of a prestigious group of clientele, with you being a part of them. Members enjoy a bespoke management service, tailor-made to suit their specific needs by dedicated team, 24/7 via Whatsapp, phone call or email.

Luxury Travel

We offer exclusive, competitive offers for all types of luxury travel.

Whether you are looking to book a private jet, a customized itenirary, in search of a personal travel butler or planning the trip of a lifetiime, our team is dedicated to preparing all the detail from A-Z. We partner with world-class agents around the globe to ensure all aspects are met above and beyond the expectations of our prestigious members.

Super Yacht

Whatever the occasion, we have the expertise to arrange it, even if it is very last minute. By putting together the most exclusive and exciting yacht charters for families, friends and corporate events, our team will arrange all the details from A-Z.

With access to the finest luxury yachts for charter, the best crew in the world and a host of creative suppliers as part of our esteemed business partners, we will arrange a memorable experience.

Restaurant Bookings & Entertainment

By sharing relationships with several prestigious vendors, we provide our Members optimum lifestyle and concierge services throughout the world with the best restaurant options, iconic events, and importantly, each and every request related. We can provide tailor make requests, such as to suit the needs, hobbies and interests of each individual member for example if they have a fine taste for Sushi. Our membership will cater to the lifestyle of each individual,providing a personalized experience.

Cargo/Logistic Services

We provide Freight services by water, air, or land throughout the world. Our mission is to provide the highest quality freight services every step of the way, to our customers. We take pride in our custom database of vetted and certified reputable carriers sourced from experienced carriers which have built a strong network throughout the globe to ensure your products get to where they need to be. Be it a last minute request, or future planned, our team is ready to help.

Luxury Car Rental

With the most extensive range of sports cars, luxury car rental solutions, SUVs, and vehicles of all types, we provide the best luxury car rental options, worldwide. Rent a luxury car in and find the best solution for business rental requirements or private rentals wherever you are. We are leaders in the luxury car rental industry by offering the best brand models for all requirements. Exceptional additional services include pick and drop off (with chauffeur), and quick delivery.

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    Transporting Exotic Animals from South East Asia to The UAE

    Transporting animals or cherised pets can seem like a daunting task all together. Whether your pets or exotic animals travel as cargo or accompany you on your flight (depending on the breed), our experienced relocation team will organise the whole process including all veterinary requirements, airline bookings and paperwork.

    We ensure that all entry requirements and regulations are met, finally escorting all concerned animals to the airport of departure.

    Emergency Assistance Private Medical Jet Evacuation

    Seeking medical assistance on an urgent basis, especially abroad, can be a challenging process. You may not speak the language, be near a hospital or have enough local currency on hand to pay for treatment. To make matters worse, your travel insurance may or may not cover the cost, or you may not even have an insurance plan.

    We can provide comprehensive help when you need urgent care in a variety of situations. While most travel insurance companies have a long list of exclusions, this membership service will assist you in any medical emergency, particulariy with air travel.

    Relocating Worldwide Families To The UAE

    Whilst thhe UAE is becoming one of the top global desitinations for both business and leisure, it is a desired location for various demographics to move to and settle in.

    HNWI sought after the UAE due to the fast paced economy, global location between the East and West as well as vast investment opportunities; such as in real estate, stock, gold and much more.

    We provide an integrated relocation service(s) that covers all aspects of relocation from anywhere in the world, directly to the UAE by offering services such as finding a new home, cargo, schooling, domestic service and community amenities.